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ICOME'17: International Conference On Materials And Energy


Dear delegate member, dear author, the conference is going well and you are within the 210 selected communications. 

The presentation is under unique form including

  • Short oral presentation of 3 or 6 minutes using the template below.
  • Followed by a poster session where you’ll have the possibility to discuss and exchange near your poster (using this template) with the delegates.

Please use these templates to edit your oral presentation and poster:






These instructions can be downloaded here 

To submit a new document (abstract or article), you should first create an account by clicking on Connection

Once your account created, click on My submission to get to your submission list

Click on     

At the document submission page in contribution informations:

-      Provide the title of your document

-      Give a short description of your work at abstract form

-      Submit the abstract document by clicking on    or by giving the download web link of your abstract

At this same page, check the topic(s) which correspond to your contribution. Yous should check at least one topic for your submission.

To finalize your submission click on save button, then on return button to view your submission list.